About Vine Evangelical Church (VEC)

VEC is a lively, modern and friendly Christian church, meeting together on Sundays and throughout the week in small groups. We were originally established over 100 years ago, and we are not affiliated with any denomination. We are members of the Evangelical Alliance and belong to Churches Together in Sevenoaks and District (CTSD).

We are a group of people from various backgrounds who want to follow, and become more like, the person of Jesus as the Bible shows Him. We are informal and open in our approach, and aim to offer a genuinely warm welcome to everyone. We hope that all who come into contact with us will meet God. As a result we believe that their own world, and through them the wider world, will be increasingly transformed.

We have excellent relationships with other Christian churches across the South East from many streams and denominations.

We practise baptism by full immersion for those who have come to personal faith in Jesus. We encourage everyone in the church family who has come to personal faith in Jesus to take bread and wine regularly in remembrance of His death for us.

We want to be true to Jesus as He is portrayed in the Bible, and to follow His example in loving other people however distant they may be geographically, culturally or spiritually. We express this in our strapline:
Rooted in Christ, reaching the world.

Our Vision

We seek to be a loving family
devoted to the Father
transformed by the Spirit
and graciously drawing others to Christ

Groups and Activities

We run a number of different groups and activities on Sundays and throughout the week, including Prayer meetings, Home groups, Toddler groups, Alpha, Band of Brothers (Men’s group) and Youth clubs. Please see the Events Calendar for up-to-date details.


We are blessed with our own premises, which have a variety of areas offering flexibility of use. For example the carpeted hall we use for our worship service on Sundays is transformed into a child contact centre two Sunday afternoons a month and a comfortable and safe play area for Mothers & Others, our mums and toddlers group, every Tuesday. We have modern kitchen facilities. There is wheelchair and scooter access to the main facilities, and a loop system is in place for people with hearing disabilities.


Following a restructure of VEC in April 2010 the current structure of VEC is as follows:

Strategic Leadership Team (SLT):

Our Growning Strategic Leadership Team are those individuals called by God and commissioned by the church who are responsible for providing spiritual and practical leadership including vision and direction to the life of Vine Evangelical Church. The group is made up of some of the elders, men and women leaders identified from the congregation, and our Pastor.


The elders give overall spiritual direction (under Christ) to the church’s life leading to growing maturity, relevant ministry and engagement in God’s mission. The elders have specific responsibility for doctrine, church discipline and when required specific confidential pastoral involvement.


VEC’s programmes are led by a coordinator who, with the help of activity leaders and teams, oversees the provision to the whole church family of a range of activities in line with VEC’s vision. Coordinators address issues of liaison, communication, problem-solving and training within their area. Currently we have coordinators in the following areas: Worship & Sermons, Discipleship & Care, Youth, Children, Mission & Outreach and Administration. In addition there is a Serving & Gifts coordinator whose role is to ensure that people’s abilities and gifts are identified, developed and deployed, so that everyone is engaged in at least one form of church ministry and every ministry area is properly resourced.


We employ a pastor full time and are currently searching for an administrator all on a part time basis.

What we believe

A brief summary:

God created us, loves us and wants a relationship with us, but gave us the freedom to rebel. By trying to live independently of God we have cut ourselves off and are heading for eternity without Him. God entered His own creation in the person of Jesus to rescue those who trust Him. By His death Jesus took the penalty for our rebellion on Himself, making it possible for us to be adopted as God’s children, become like Him and share His joy for ever, starting right now. (Please see crosscheck.org.uk or click on a page on the Links page for further information).

A slightly more formal version:
  • God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is utterly good, and has the absolute right and power to do whatever He chooses. He created, cares for and will judge the world.
  • God has chosen to make Himself known through the Bible, and has therefore made sure we can rely on it completely.
  • All human beings have been made in God’s image, and are therefore of great value. Yet we all seek to run our own lives independently of God – this is what the Bible refers to as ‘sin’ – and are therefore under God’s judgement.
  • Jesus Christ (God the Son), fully God and fully human – yet without sin – came to give up His life on the cross in our place. He took our sin on Himself to save us from being separated from God for ever.
  • Jesus was raised bodily from the dead and taken to His Father’s side, where He now reigns and prays to the Father on our behalf as the only Saviour of the world.
  • We are put right with God only by His own goodness, as we believe the good news of what Jesus Christ has done.
  • The Holy Spirit enables us to turn from our sin, to believe the good news, to be adopted as God’s children, and to become more like Jesus Christ in our lives.
  • Every believer forms part of Jesus Christ’s family on earth, and has been commissioned by Him to take the good news all over the world.
  • Jesus Christ will come back in person at the end of this age to complete God’s purposes, bringing eternal life to believers and eternal separation from God to unbelievers, and recreating the universe.

The Evangelical Alliance Basis of faith:

We subscribe to the Basis of Faith set out by the Evangelical Alliance, of which we are members.

About you

You will be very welcome to come and visit us, wherever you are on your spiritual journey.

What is Christianity all about?

Would you like to see a clear presentation of what Christianity is actually all about? Sometimes people quite reasonably reject what someone has told them is Christianity, but is actually something quite different, and ‘man-made’. Please see crosscheck.org.uk or click on a page on the Links page to see a variety of presentations of the true Christian message.

Your questions

Do you have questions about God, Jesus, spirituality, religion, etc, or doubts about how Christian beliefs stack up against the findings of modern science? Send us your question by emailling office@vec.org.uk. You will also find answers to many frequently asked questions as you check out some of the links on the links page.