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Decide for Yourself

Welcome to the Decide for Yourself website, a compilation of short video clips designed to give you a basis on which to make the most important decision of your life. Now, a lot of people in the UK today will tell you they don’t believe in God, or can’t accept Christianity. But we find that, more often than not, the God they don’t believe in, and the Christianity they can’t accept, are very different from the God real Christians believe in and the Christianity they follow.



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So, we’d like to invite you to decide for yourself. But don’t make your decision on the basis of vague childhood memories, or distorted media caricatures. For twenty centuries the claims of Christ have persuaded intelligent men and women of their truth. This hasn’t changed today. Contrary to popular belief, science does not undermine the basis for belief in God. Many leading scientists consider Christianity entirely compatible with their understanding of how the world works and how the universe came to exist.

So we invite you to dip into this compilation and build up an adult understanding of what Christians believe. Then decide for yourself.

Now, these video clips probably won’t answer all your questions. But if you’d like to find out more, email us at Or visit or and follow it up. Ask the difficult questions and find out how intelligent Christians have struggled with the same questions for 2,000 years. If there weren’t any satisfying answers, Christianity would have died out long ago among intelligent people.

But above all, decide for yourself. Don’t let the popular media or the spirit of the age dictate your opinions and decisions in this area. If Christianity really is true, then it must be more important than anything else in the world. Surely it’s worth the effort of taking an intelligent look at its claims.

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The videos here were all kindly made available for inclusion in the DVD by their authors/YouTube creators, including:


Introduction|God|The Gospel|Jesus|The Bible|Religion|Faith|Science|Evil & Suffering



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