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The Gospel - the heart of Christianity

What do Christians actually believe?

Why do they think it's so important?

  Gospel Presentation

Once Upon A Time...? (Chris Stiven)

CrossCheck (Beaconlight Trust)

Life in 6 words: The G.O.S.P.E.L. (Dare2Share Ministries)

The Gospel Message

Only One Bridge to Cross (Blutrue40)

The Kristo (North American Mission Board)

A Gospel Message for 2011 (Christian Gospel Vanguard)

The Gospel Presentation (E3 Resources)

What is Christianity? (Avanti Ministries)

The Best Story (Please Convince Me)

Receive The Gift (Philo Trust / UCB TV)

Happily Ever After (Chris Stiven)


Ask us!

If you have any questions about the Christian faith, please feel welcome to contact us

Visit us!

Feel welcome to come and visit us at Vine Evangelical Church in Sevenoaks, Kent. Details about our church, and its many activities for all ages, as well as service times and location are all detailed on our church website










Introduction|God|The Gospel|Jesus|The Bible|Religion|Faith|Science|Evil & Suffering



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