Ladies’ Brunch

We hold a ladies brunch about twice a year at St Julians. There is a good meal with a speaker. The audience is non believers and Christians are encouraged not to come unless they can bring a guest. Contact us for details.


The next ladies brunch is on May 13. More details to follow


Next brunch is May 21 at StJulian’s 9:45-12:00. Title Jesus, Jago and Me! A local mum tells her heartwarming story and how God has helped her and her family through some tough times. Details and tickets from

84 people attended and another brunch is being planned for the autumn


Ladies on Friday 13 November – Heads I Lose: The Ladies Brunch Team invite you to bring your husbands, partners or girl friends to St Julians to hear Justyn Larcombe tell his amazing story from losing it all to rediscovering his faith. 7:45 for 8:00pm finish at 10:00pm. Tea, coffee and desserts will be served and St Julian’s bar will be available to purchase other drinks.

Justin Larcombe

14 March 2015

Dancer off her feet

We are thrilled to be welcoming Julie Sheldon as our speaker and know that she will be known to many of you. Julie’s story is of a miraculous healing following the life threatening and crippling disease Dystonia, but her story finish does not stop there.


Half way to heaven. ‘Where is God when it hurts.’

Emma Scrivener who has overcome life threatening anorexia.

Recent brunches have involved:

S. Flashman Jarvis an ex model

Naomi Hutchison a chocolatier

Emma Pears a singer songwriter