Coordinator: Sally Stiven

This role’s main function is to enable and encourage everyone to use their God-given gifts to serve in VEC, ensuring that the right people are in the right areas. It also involves understanding why some people choose not to serve, protecting those who cannot serve at a given time, and providing encouragement and opportunity for those wanting to change their area of service.

How does the process work?

The Serving & Gifts Coordinator visits people to find out where they feel called to serve.
Other Coordinators approach the Serving & Gifts Coordinator when they need to fill a vacancy.
Individuals approach the Serving & Gifts Coordinator directly.

What are the Serving & Gifts Coordinator’s main responsibilities?

  • To encourage everyone to take part in church family life.
  • To help people recognise their gifts.
  • To ensure people are serving in the right places for them.
  • To ensure roles are filled by people with appropriate levels of commitment.
  • To ensure no-one is bombarded by too many coordinators asking them to fill a vacancy.
  • To enable people to say “no” without being embarrassed or feeling that they may be judged.

Comments from the Church Family:

“Thanks for helping me, I just didn’t feel I could come out of doing the job because I’d be letting someone down. It was a relief to know I could stop, not feel guilty and that I’d be replaced.”

“I know I’m doing too much and needed to talk it through with someone”.

“It’s been good to know how to help right from the start”.

Comments from the Coordinators:

“It’s easier when I visit people to know they’ve already had the discussion of where to serve”.

“It’s made it easier to fill the gaps on my team”.