VEC | Livestream of Sunday Sermon…..


As you would have seen from our communications over this past week, we have been busy creating multiple virtual communication channels for our church family to stay in touch with one another, building our community and providing pastoral care to one another.  These channels currently are:

  • WhatsApp groupsfor each of the Church Family Groups, allowing people to chat and share prayer requests and inspirational verses.
  • Zoom Meetingsso that the different groups across VEC can continue to meet: home groups; BoB; Friday Fellowship; even leadership meetings!
  • we have now also set up a VEC channel on YouTubewhich we will use to livestream Glenn preaching this Sunday!!

We have just now completed the final dry-run for the livestream this coming Sunday broadcast from the auditorium at VEC.  We will “spend” our time together this Sunday morning from 10:30am seeing Glenn in the flesh (for the first in while for most of us!) to update us on latest family news, give a short talk on Psalm 23 (He makes me lie down in green pastures) and lead a time of prayer.  We have also enabled the chat function on the YouTube channel, so that you can pose questions to Glenn.  We will then provide a list of praise & worship songs for everyone to watch on YouTube afterwards individually, yet also collectively.


How can you get ready for 10:30am on Sunday morning?

  • The first thing to remember is that the clocks spring forwardduring Saturday night, so church will start an hour earlier! 
  • The second this is to, today, navigate to the YouTube websiteon your preferred browser on a laptop/PC or YouTube app on a mobile/tablet/console, then type “Vine Evangelical Church” in the search bar and hit the “enter”
  • You will then see the VEC channel with logo listed at the top of the search results.  Upon clicking that logo, you will enter the VEC channel where you should hit the “subscribe”
  • On Sunday morning, navigate to “Subscriptions”on the pane on the left side of the YouTube website and select the Vine Evangelical Church
  • Under “Videos” on the top ribbon, filter to “Live streams”to find the placeholder for Sunday’s livestream which will be the thumbnail with “Live now” below.
  • You can post comments or pose questions in the “Chat box”on the right hand of the screen during the livestream, and Glenn will answer as many as possible at the end of his talk.

We look forward to spending time together on Sundays again!


God bless,

The Elders.