The Youth Ministry here at VEC has two main groups outlined below. These are overseen by our pastor, Glenn Walsh

Glenn is also keen to meet with and get to know young people in the area who need an ear to listen or someone to come alongside and support them. Please get in touch with him if you would like a chat, or feel free to come along to one of the groups detailed below.


  • WHO? RIPz is for 11-14 year olds of all kinds! All are invited and will find they are warmly welcomed!
  • WHEN? RIPz runs on term-time Sunday mornings during the church service in the upstairs Youth Lounge.
  • WHAT? The RIPz group spend their time chatting, eating and looking at living out faith as something cool and not dull. The group is a safe place to discuss some of the things that really matter. Each member is valued and listened to, and the group builds lasting friendships together as they learn and get to know their Saviour Jesus through these years. They have occasional socials like ice skating, bowling, film nights, baking sessions and meeting up for hot chocolate. There is also a residential weekend once a year and occasional sleepovers. These are great fun events and result in many enjoyable memories.

Soul Purpose

  • WHO? Soul Purpose is for teenagers aged 14+.
  • WHEN? The group meets on Sunday evenings in the Youth Lounge at 6.30 pm and the evening finishes around 8.30 pm.
  • WHAT? Soul Purpose is a youth group for those who enjoy spending time with others, playing games such as pool, table football, table tennis, cards or volleyball and learning more about God and who He is. We have a session every other week as well as time to hang out together at the end of the week before another starts. In the alternate weeks we use that time for games and getting to know each other more.

The evening is a mix of games, lots of chat and fun and then a session relevant to the group in terms of building and informing their faith and discussing some tricky topics around being a Christian in our society. The group is sure to include some great discussion on relevant issues and is a place where the young people can ask their questions and air their doubts. Soul Purpose enjoy worshipping and praying together and aim to have a time of ministry with the Holy Spirit once a month whether that be through sung worship, praying in groups or pairs, or quiet solo reflection time with God.

The group also have socials such as cinema, beach, and theatre trips. This group supports and encourages young people in practical and relevant ways.

Soul Purpose have the opportunity to invite friends and reach out to their community of Sevenoaks, providing a safe space with Kingdom Value foundations to hang out and witness. This is Soul Purpose: undiluted by the world around them, seeking to be salt and light in their community through fellowship, friendship and fun.